Worldwide Photowalk Winners Announced

Wow its been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been afflicted with summer laziness, I can’t seem to get myself to do anything. In any case here you can find the ten finalists and the grand prize winner of this year’s worldwide photowalk. The winning photo was taken in Amphawa – Thailand and is magnificient. I noted it when I was going over the (>1000) many photos submitted for final judgement.

I do think the winning image I selected for our walk in Tel-Aviv is a very interesting portrait with a lot of emotion. I think the softness of the photo and the blurriness around the edges enhances it quite nicely.

Worldwide Photowalk Results

Well, its been a hectic week! On Saturday I led my first photographers group ever, under the umbrella of Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. Then from Sunday to Tuesday I taught a pretty intense course of OpenGL shading language for a company called VizRT. But lets focus on the photowalk shall we? I think it was a success, over 30 people turned up, and although only about 15 survived to the end, they were all really nice people. I enjoyed taking photos but more than that, meeting new people and talking about photography was really nice. It was insanely hot of course (Tel-Aviv in July), and we finished the day feeling like depleted zombies.
In any case here is a Flickr group containing photos from Saturday, some really good shots I think 🙂

Worldwide Photowalk Tel-Aviv 2009 - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Pasta-Fu Master (Level 5)

kpra-bigA few months ago I acquired a Kitchen-Aid pasta maker attachment (KPRA) for my mixer. There’s a long convoluted story behind this, the first KPRA I bought (while in Boston) was stolen on the flight to Israel. Thankfully Uri and Tamar got me a new one when they last visited.

Anyway, I’ve made pasta like 6-7 times so far and I’m steadily improving. I decided that the ranking of a true pasta-fu master should be measured by the thickness of the pasta. At first I could only reach level 3 before the pasta sheets got all sticky and crumply and much screaming was heard in Bloch street, Tel Aviv.

kvisa But now finally I am proud to say I am a level 5 master! The pasty, much like silk, flows through my hands, behaving like a well-behaved kitten, and producing the most angelic of pastas. Yesterday we made pasta (there would have been pictures but Shachar was a bit sick so I was rushed) and I dried it on our weird Israeli-style laundry drying device.


Worldwide Photowalk

A very cool global event is taking place on July 18th (one month from now) – The 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. Its an event organized by a great photographer (and author) named Scott Kelby. On that Saturday, groups around the world will go out and take photos together, simple yet fun!

Somehow I got to organize the Tel-Aviv walk, so far I have 20+ participants registered, and I hope to fill it (50) by the time of the walk. Our Tel-Aviv walk will take place in the afternoon, hopefully including the sunset, in the south of Tel-Aviv. I still don’t have a final route for the walk, its been hectic so I haven’t been able to tour the locales.

So go ahead and register, be supportive of photography, Tel-Aviv, yourself and me! Did I mention that you might stand to win some cool prizes?

Be The Vegetable!

For a few months now we’ve been subscribing (funny word in this context) to receive a crate of organic vegetables weekly. A nice lady called Maggie grows the vegetables in her large garden (near Jerusalem) and ships it out for a pretty reasonable price. We decided to go down the organic path for a few reasons (a) we thought it’d be cool (b) we wanted Shachar to eat healthier food (c) its nice to support small businesses, especially cool ones like this.

However, and that leads me to today’s post subject, we have no control over the vegetables we get!? Yes indeed, a few days before each shipment we get a list, and then it just arrives. Most of the vegetables I know how to deal with (Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Carrots etc.) but sometimes you get the really weird ones and you have no idea what to do with them. Continue reading “Be The Vegetable!”